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Work 1:1 With Me

This is an invitation for conscious women who want to heal their binge eating disorder but are finding themselves stuck and unable to move forward.

I will work with you for six weeks to overcome your binge eating once and for all. We will work on the following things:

  1. We’re going to work closely together to figure out what's causing your binge eating. We will look at your emotions and where they are coming from. Whether they be from issues in your past or current situations. We will work together using spiritual methods such as energy healing techniques and tools for tapping into the subconscious in order to tap into any energy blocks you’re experiencing to moving forward in the Flow.

  2. Once we figure out where they are coming from we will work together focusing on processing those emotions (for example: anxiety, stress, depression and self-hate) through various practical and spiritual factors including talk therapy, meditation, journaling, and other emotional release techniques.

  3. We are also going to take a look at your eating and figure out anything else that may be sabotaging your Authentic Eating efforts such as environmental factors, lack of body movement and/or lack of self acceptance. Once we identify them we will begin counter efforts through daily assignments and exercises.

You and I will be working very closely together in order to create a space for healing. Necessary assignments will be shared through a private portal, and you will receive supplemental worksheets and exercises to support you in getting over anything standing in your way from emotional healing.

I will be there for you through each step of the process. We’ll have our first Zoom call in order to set up your plan of action and then everything we do will be through a mixture of weekly Zoom calls and a private voice messaging service where we will chat in between. There will be consistent check-ins throughout the program. I’m going to really get to know you and your issues, and support you in overcoming and healing the issues causing the emotional eating. I’ll be by your side supporting you through the toughest moments.


The best candidates to overcome binge eating with my help are those that have made the decision not to diet anymore, understand that their emotions are getting in the way of leveling up, and are open and willing to put in the work throughout the five weeks together. (This includes incorporating meditation and body movement to facilitate the healing process.)

The practices that I share with you in this program are the same ones I personally used to get over binge and emotional eating disorders. Past clients from this 6 week intensive have healed their eating disorders/emotional eating through our time together and are now well on their way towards a natural weight set point (if they haven’t hit it already.) 

“Martita has helped me to completely turn my life around. She has taught me more  in our time together than I could ever have dreamed of learning in a lifetime. I no longer binge eat, my anxiety has gone, no more panic attacks."

“I was stuck in a never ending cycle of taking two steps forward and ten steps back. I wanted to be a better mother, a more spiritual person, and feel better in general. Martita helped me to see that I was always in control and I was able to connect to something deeper. A higher part of me. Martita has helped me to change my life in ways I never imagined."


The four figure investment for this program is respectable and very low compared to the cost of experiencing chaotic emotion and disordered eating for the rest of your life. Most would spend years in therapy and still not get the same results the program allows after working with me for only 6 weeks.

If you’re ready to have true peace around food and emotions, and are interested in this offer the next step is simple, email me at Just let me know that you’re interested in the 6 weeks private intensive.


I’ll write back with a few questions to help determine whether the program is a fit for you. We’ll have a quick chat back and forth and if we both agree it’s a fit, we can get you enrolled the same day and get our first session scheduled within a week or less.




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