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Our Manifesto

Beliefs and values that make up The Happy Eater.
1.The Happy Eater Believes in Food Freedom.
We believe the ability to eat without guilt is your birthright, and you shouldn't have to compromise that over society's ever changing standards. Food is nourishing, comforting and enjoyable. Our mission is to support others in understanding and allowing these truths to become present in their lives through the tearing down of old foundations of diet culture, body shame, and emotional repression. 
2. The Happy Eater Believes in Your Inherent Ability to Cope Naturally with Emotions and as such, Heal Emotional Disorders Naturally, too. 

We believe there is a maladapted foundation present in the world today. One in which emotions are too strong to cope with without food, a glass of wine, tobacco, or some type of medical relaxant. For those that choose not to utilize these remedies (and oftentimes even if they do) mental/emotional issues turn into physical ones--causing even more suffering. All which are needless, as there is a strategic path to emotional freedom. Our mission is to support you in taking that path (albeit for now, the less travelled one). 

The Happy Eater Nurtures Emotional Expression For Mental Wellness

The ability to heal from emotional (and ultimately physical) ailments comes down to your ability to process emotions in the way that they were meant to be processed. Emotional expression is absolutely necessary in order to live a happy, fulfilled life. We believe in nurturing emotions for the mental and physical wellness of human kind. 

3. We Believe Relaxation is The Path for Mental/Emotional Well Being. As Such, We Support Relaxation As A Lifestyle 

Your ability to handle your emotions come down to one thing--your capability to relax. 


A complete expression of emotion relies on an anchored state of being. One where you are within your self, allowing the movement of the feeling/thought so that it makes its way through and out of you. 

The alternative is repressed emotions. Those which are held back and do not allow that full expression to occur. 

Expression of emotions relies on your ability to go through the process, which involves a feeling state, acceptance and letting go. A process which can not be had without an underlying current of release (or relaxed). 

We at
The Happy Eater believe there should be a constant focus on release. Releasing of feelings and thoughts. This focus is the underlying current to this podcast and all of our educational products. Relaxation is how one heals. 

Our Founder 


Martita Robinson, M.A. is a mental health clinician with a foundation in meditation, and energy work. Both of which she has learned through various teachers across the globe. She received her Master's of Arts in Clinical Mental Health and currently utilizes it in a coaching capacity through her writings and programs. 

Martita is a mother of six children ranging in the ages of 9 months to 13 years old. She currently resides in Buffalo, NY with her best friend and husband Dorian Robinson. 

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