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Something New

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Hello friend.

You were sent here because someone you care about has decided to begin Authentic Eating. What a wonderful thing that is! They're on their way to living a more fulfilled, happy, joyous life!

The premise of Authentic Eating is--feel good first, then eat! And when you eat, eat freely. Eat according to what feels good to you at that moment.

What does this mean to you? The person that sent you is going to be doing a lot of emotional processing. They're going to be feeling a lot more, in order to get to the 'feel-good first, and then eat' part. Be ready to give them space to do that.

They may want some extra support too. Hugs, an ear to listen, and the question, "What can I do to help?" go a long way in this phase of their journey.

They'll also be giving up diets. Why? Because dieting no longer works for them. What will work is being free to eat what they want, when they want it. The Authentic Eater understands that their body is their best friend, and it is always there supporting it in becoming the best that it can be. So if your friend is ready to move into a healthier body that moves better and feels better, they'll get it without having to restrict or struggle to get there.

And FYI, they're learning to embrace their bodies just as they are, because whether or not they were to change their bodies? They are enough. Right here. Right now.

Worthy of love, worthy of partnership. Worthy of parenthood. Worthy of that job. Worthy of any single thing they want because they are enough with or without a changed body.

So if you're used to having long-drawn-out conversations about the latest diet with them, or want them to buddy up with you to give it a try, please, find someone else. They are no longer that person.

Instead, ask them how this new path of life is going, and be that person to support them. Cheer for them, and let them know you're there rooting them on! There are so many people out there that won't be.



PS. If you want to read the book that led them to that decision, check it out here.


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